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Store Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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June Consignment Calendar
Consignment Hours:
Monday & Wednesday 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 – 11:30 AM

Your consignment checks will be available for pick-up at The Guild Shop starting on Saturday, June 15th.  You have until Friday, June 29th to pick up your check; all remaining checks will be mailed on Saturday, June 30th.  

Please remember to cash your consignment checks!

Important Consignor Information for June 2019H

 Designer Clothing is accepting Summer clothing and accessories on clothing take-in days.  If you prefer, you may contact our Designer Chair at 713-528-5095 to arrange a private appointment.

 Designer  accessories that are top sellers: Like new high-end purses, top designer sunglasses, Hermes  scarves and designer shoes.


Top Sellers include: Mexican dresses & tops, lightweight-pastels, and straw hats.

UPDATE:  SUMMER PURSE — bring in one “ like new” Summer purse on Saturday, June 1st.

UPDATE: STYLISH “like new” Summer clothing is in great demand.

Fast Track – Separate line if you have the following:

  • Completed Contracts (Blank contracts can be printed from
  • Pre-tagged with account number,on hangers you don’t mind leaving.
  • Up to 8 items total: maximum of 2 pairs of either pants, shorts or capris; 1 belt and 1 pair of shoes.

     Note: Shoes and purses on separate contracts.

UPDATE:  In addition to our standard no-take list,

The following are restrictions for June:

 Clothing Restrictions for June.  Due to inventory restrictions we cannot accept:

  • Prom or evening attire.
  • Tank tops.


UPDATE – All items MUST be cleaned and polished.

Top Sellers include: Sets of china, stemware, and good oriental vases & ginger jars.

Fast Track – Separate line if you have the following:

Household Restrictions for June: Due to inventory restrictions we are not accepting mirrors.


Top sellers include: ethnic, lucite and jade pieces.

Fast Track: Separate line if you have the following:

Contracts must be completed.  Blank jewelry contracts can be printed from

  • All  pieces must be in Ziploc 1 gallon bag
  • Bring to Jewelry Office Door
  • Up to 10 items total.


Top Sellers include: original, signed, with attractive subject matter.

How to consign Art: See our website for important NEW INFORMATION.

  • All items must have a wire on the back.
  • All art UNDER 36″ on all sides may be consigned ONE AT A TIME on each of the first three Mondays.
  • If a piece of art EXCEEDS over 36″ on ANY side you MUST EMAIL a photo, brief description including artist, medium (oil, water color, print, etc.) and size, including the frame  You will receive a return email indicating whether the art is acceptable for consignment and suggesting a date to bring it in.

NOTE: Mid Century Modern in great demand!

Furniture and Rugs

It’s Patio Time – Bring in your nice patio furniture and garden statuary

Top Selling: Mid Century Modern!

Received by appointment only

Email photos and contact information to

Estates  The Guild Shop accepts estates from families who are experiencing changes that require significant reduction in possessions, such as moves, deaths, and downsizing.

  • The estate split is 50/50.
  • Itemized lists are required.
  • All estates must be scheduled.
  • Estates are accepted after the 21st of each month.  No estates are accepted in December.

For more information, contact (713) 528-5095 ext. 906.

Thank you for your consignments and donations.  The Guild Shop proceeds go to ministries that make a great impact in the lives of the elderly in need.

Currently, we are supporting the following:
Amazing Place * Holly Hall *The Gathering/Care Partners * Home Assessments for Seniors Program- SJD * Vita Living

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments please send an email to

Everyday Giving:

Here are three ways to support The Guild Shop in helping the elderly in need:

Link The Guild Shop to your Kroger Card with our organization # LN812: Note the new number.

Link the Guild Shop to your Randalls’ card with our Good Neighbor Number with organization #13716.

Use this link to our Amazon Smile page

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