The Guild Shop

2009 Dunlavy

Houston, Texas  77006


The Guild Shop Store Hours:
M-F 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Sat  10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Consignment Hours:
Monday & Wednesday – 9:30 AM -12:30 PM
Saturday – 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
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Download a copy of the consignment calendar HERE.

Consignment checks will be available for pick up on October 15th.  Those not picked up will be mailed on October 31st. 
Please remember to cash your checks in a timely manner!
Jewelry:   Now on FAST TRACK. We are accepting 10 pieces of holiday jewelry (Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas) in addition to 10 pieces of everyday jewelry on jewelry consignment dates.  Please do not place any stickers on jewelry.  You must use and label plastic bags, such a Ziploc, that can be sealed.  We no longer provide bags for jewelry.  Due to Federal Law, The Guild Shop cannot accept pieces of  IVORY or TORTOISE.
Furniture & Rugs: accepted by appointment only. Email photos and contact information to:  No single dining chairs.

Household:  Up to eight consignment items will be accepted each scheduled day during consignment day and time. No lamps or Halloween items. Now accepting Thanksgiving and Christmas items.

  Up to five items of clothing, shoes, boots, hats & belts per consignment day. Each type needs a different contract.  No purses right now and only one pair of fashion boots.  Fall colors, lightweight sweaters, jeans, etc.  Hold onto your heavier items such as wool coats, velvet & furs.  All items must be on hangers, clean, pressed and ready to sell.  No pilling, stains or holes.
Shoes, purses, belts, and hats are accepted as part of the five items but each type requires a separate contract.  Purses must have clean interiors.  Please check our website for the complete NO TAKE LIST.

High-end designer clothes are accepted on clothing days or you may contact our designer chair at 713-528-5095 to arrange a private appointment.  

  All hanging art must have a wire on the back.  Art larger than 36″ on any one side is accepted by appointment only.  Please email photos of over-sized art to:  Please include your contact information for an appointment.  You will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Furniture and Rug
are accepted by appointment only.  Email photos of your furniture and/or rugs to  Please include your contact information. You will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your items and schedule an appointment.  No single dining chairs.

TIPS FOR QUICKER TAKE IN – before coming in to consign:

  • Print and complete contract from website.  Include as much detail as possible about the items on the contract.
  • Tape or sticker your account number on your items.  For clothing, place sticker inside of the garment – not on outside of the fabric.  Garments without stickers will be considered donations.
  • Do not place strong adhesive on leather items or delicate finishes as the adhesive may peel off the leather and finish.
  • Do a final inspection of items for condition and season.
  • Separate jewelry by type (bracelets, earrings, necklaces,  pins, watches, etc.) and place in small Ziploc bags labeled with your account number.  Then, consolidate these bags into one large Ziploc bag labeled with the account number with completed jewelry contract enclosed.
Consignment Contract-2018 click here for a consignment contract
Jewelry Consignment Contract-2018 click here for a jewelry contract
Everyday Giving: Three simple ways to support The Guild Shop in helping the elderly in need:
  • Link The Guild Shop to your Kroger card with our organization # LN812
  • Link The Guild Shop to your Randalls card with our organization #13716
  • Link The Guild Shop to our Amazon Smile page
Thank you for your consignments and donations!  The Guild Shop proceeds support ministries that make a great impact in the lives of the elderly in need.  Currently, we are supporting the following:  
Amazing Place, Holly Hall, Interfaith Care Partners, The Seniors Ministry of St. John the Divine, Vita Living.
If you have any suggestions, questions or comments,  please send an email to