First, please check this link Monthly Consignor News and consignor emails to check what items are being taken at the moment.


Important Dates and Information for December 2017:

2009 Dunlavy

Houston, TX 77006



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December Newsletter

Store Hours December 1, 2017 to December 16, 2017

M – F 9:30AM – 3:30 PM

Sat 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Closed December 18, 2017 to January 1, 2018


Reopen January 2, 2018












Customer Appreciation Day December 9, 2017


  • Open an extra hour – store hours – 10AM – 3PM
  • Sales tax free shopping
  • Come join us for a cookie and lemonade


Consignment Check Information and Consignment Schedule


Checks for December

Consignors will receive an email a few days before the 11th of this month only if they have a consignment check.  The email will list the amount of their check and the related sales prior to November 30th .  Consignor checks will be distributed at The Guild Shop beginning on Monday December 11th until Saturday December 16th .  Any check not picked up will be mailed out on December 19th.






Consignment times from Dec 1 to Dec 4 are:

M-W-F      9:30 AM -12:30 PM

Saturday    10:00 AM -11:30 AM





Clothing will NOT be accepted in December.


Furs will NOT be accepted in December.


Purses will NOT be accepted in December.


Shoes and Boots will NOT be accepted in December.


Belts and Hats will NOT be accepted in December.


High end designer clothing may be accepted by appointment.  Please call 713-528-5095.



Art accepts one piece of art per consignor on the Monday December 4.   All art must have a wire on the back. Art larger than 36″ on any one side is only accepted by appointment.  Email photos of oversized art to for an appointment.


Jewelry will NOT be accepted in December.



As a reminder, due to federal law The Guild Shop will not accept pieces of ivory or tortoise



Household items will be accepted Friday December 1, Saturday December 2, and Monday December 4. Five consignment items are accepted each scheduled day during scheduled consignment time.



Furniture and Rugs are accepted by appointment only.  Please email photos of your furniture and/or rugs to  Please include your contact information. You will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule an appointment



Everyday Giving:

Here are three easy ways to support The Guild Shop in helping the elderly in need:


  1. Link The Guild Shop to your Kroger card with our organization  #99797




  1. Link The Guild Shop to your Randalls card with our Good Neighbor Number organization # 13716



  1. Use this link to our Amazon Smile’s page.



Thank you for your consignments and donations.


If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please send an email to






The Guild Shop has updated its contract – The new contract can be found here: Consignment Contract 2017

The jewelry contract can be found here:   Jewelry Contract



  • Check the Never-Take-List to make sure the items you are consigning are acceptable.





  • Most items are taken the 1st through the 21st of each month from 9:30-12:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:00-11:30 Saturday. Furniture and rugs are taken by appointment only during those hours, but throughout the entire month.
  • Consignors may bring in items in the following categories: Artwork, Clothing, Furniture, Household, Jewelry, and Rugs. Please see specific requirements and restrictions below under each category.
  • A total of five(5) items may be brought each time of those five items only one (1)shoe and one(1) art piece may be included in the five(5) items.
  • We may limit hours, quantities, and types of items further. Consignor emails will update you on what items are being taken and when during the current month. The monthly consignor news includes that and additional late-breaking changes.
  • The Guild Shop pays the consignor 2/3 of the sales price of each item sold.
  • The Guild Shop accommodates 11,000 square feet of items. However, we are unable to accept everything. Check the Never Take List to see if we can take all of your items.
  • See the Texas Department of State Health Services list for those items that are prohibited by law for resale at anytime.
  • For further information on consignments, please read the General Guidelines which includes information on contractual obligations, condition policy, pricing policy, mark down policy, and more.

Complete General Guidelines

How to Consign

  • Click here to download and print the contracts. Please read the Consignment Contract Terms and sign each contract indicating you agree.
    1. Consignment Contract Household, Clothing, and Art Consignment Contract (one contract per category of items).
    2. Jewelry Contract
    3. Furniture, Rugs, and Estate Consignment Contract
  • Complete the contract.
  • Sticker your items with your account number.
  • Use the FAST TRACK LINE. It’s easy as 1-2-3.
    1. CONTRACT Download and completed at HOME.
    2. STICKER your items with your account number.
    3. BIN (household), BAG (jewelry), or HANG (clothing).
  • Get your contract signed and go!
  • Contracts and stickers are available in the Shop. They cannot be taken home for later use.

Consignment Contracts



Consignment Contract 2017

Jewelry Consignment Contract


Get More Information


  • Art consignments will be the first 3 Mondays of the month 9:30 am to 12:30 pm through the 21st of each month.
  • Consignors may bring in one piece of art that is wired for displaying on the walls of the Shop.
  • Due to display space limitations, artwork must measure less than 36 inches by 36 inches.
  • If you are interested in consigning a piece larger than 3 feet by 3 feet, please email a photograph of the piece and any information you have on it to The Art Chairman will contact you.


  • Wednesdays 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am to 11:30 am through the 21st of the month.
  • Consignors may bring in five (5) adult clothing items per consignment time. Only 1 coat per time, 1 pair of shoes per time and 1 purse per time
  • Clothing items include hanging clothes, purses, shoes must be wearable, hats, and other clothing accessories.
  • Clothing must be in excellent condition, pressed, in style, in season, clean, stain free and no rips.
  • Oct to Jan – Winter; Feb to March – Spring; April to July – Summer; Aug to Sept – Fall

Household / Garden

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, and Saturdays 10:00 am to 11:30 am through the 21st of the month.
  • Consignors may bring in five household items per consignment time.
  • One lamp, one chandelier and one vintage doll per time.
  • Items must fit in our 20″X14″x16″ bins, or you MUST make appointment.
  • Please contact us at 713-528-5095 or to make an appointment for any household or garden item larger than the volume of our bins. One oversized item per week will be accepted.


  • Jewelry is accepted Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9:30 to 12:30, and Saturdays 10:00 am to 11:30 am for the first several days of the month. We will post the cutoff date each month.
  • Consignors may bring in up to ten pieces one time only during the consignment period. Please be aware that your 10 pieces will not all appear at the same time on your account. Items will be priced as space becomes available.
    Group like items together in a small ziploc bag, (necklaces in one bag, bracelets in one bag, etc.) then place all bags in one larger ziploc. (We don not supply ziploc bags)
    Fold your contract so that your account number is visible.
    No stickers on jewelry. Only one sticker with your account number is needed on the outside bag.
    • We will only accept the current 10 items per jewelry contract.
    • Please do not write in the office space.
    • Remember that your signature signifies authenticity.
  • NO TAKE for 2014:
    • Bead strands that are unfinished jewelry.
    • Illusion necklaces: one or more wires with beads. The “illusion” is that the beads are “floating” with no visible wire.
    • No earrings without backs.
    • Broken, damaged, dirty or missing rhinestones, beads or pieces.
    • $4.50 is our lowest price and we must be able to get that price for your item. Otherwise, it will be donated.
    • NON DESIGNER sunglasses (must authenticate designer wear).
    • Non-working watches. If battery is not working, the watch will be priced at a minimum.

Furniture & Rugs

  • Please email us your phone number, account number, a photo and description of each item to or call us at 713-528-5095. We also require photos of rugs. If pictures do not show condition problems, please disclose prior to bring items in.
  • We require a minimum of 4 matching dining chairs.
  • Within two business days, we will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • All furniture and rugs must be on separate contracts and must meet our quality standards, require an appointment, and are scheduled on a space-available basis.
  • Please provide two completed copies of the consignment contract at the time of your appointment.

Premier Designers Consignment
Our Goal is to provide our consignors and donors an opportunity to bring high-end designer and vintage couture clothing, accessories and jewelry to a confidential setting at The Guild Shop.


  • Make a private appointment with our Premier Designer Consultant by calling 713-528-5095 or e-mailing
  • During the appointment, you and the consultant will determine which of your items we can accept as Premier Designers labels
  • Items will be researched and priced at Fair Market Value. Prices mark down every 30 days according to The Guild Shop’s standard schedule.
  • All consignments are bound by The Guild Shop consignment contract.
  • You will receive two thirds of the sales price the month following the sale of your items.

All items must be authentic. We cannot accept counterfeits and will dispose of them – it is the law! DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Our proceeds support elders in need in the Greater Houston Area.