How it Works


Though we show merchandise online, you have to come in. We are not equipped for phone orders, online purchases, or even holding items until you come in. It’s strictly first come first serve at The Guild Shop.

Give the gift that gives back buy a gift card and make someone happy, your support allows us to continue our mission of helping the elderly. Gift cards can be bought at the front registers at anytime during store hours.

We never intentionally advertise items that have already been sold. However, between delays in material being posted online and delays in online readers coming into the store, you can never be sure that an item will still be here when you get in. On the other hand, if it is, the price might have gone down!


Items are priced at fair market value to offer customers reasonable prices on gently used merchandise, compensate consignors fairly, and give our charities a helping hand. Here’s the fun part!

If an item does not sell during an initial period, it gets marked down. After another period, it gets marked down again, and again. But after the last period, the item will go into a last-chance area or be donated to charity. Most priced items in the Shop mark down 20% every thirty days and remain in the store up to 90 days.

So if you’re a bargain hunter, or just looking for a break on an expensive item, you can play the favorite game at The Guild Shop: “Will It Sell Before The Price Goes Down?” Happy hunting!

Picking up Large Items

If you find a great piece of furniture, we don’t expect you to put it in your purse to carry it home. We will hold large purchases for you for up to three days without charge. After that, we charge $5 per day per piece unless a manager has made a hardship exception in advance.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your shopping experience!

More True Tales
More true tales from our customers: A desk bought at The Guild Shop at a bargain gets redone and finds a new life in a home office. See the story here.
50 Ways to Fix Anything: Flat Pillows
Here’s a helpful hint from one of our Guild Shop customers:

If your down pillows or cushions have gone a little flat, remove all the outer coverings and put them on a sheet or towel in the sun for a couple of hours, flipping them half way through. The sun dries up any moisture that has accumulated in the down, and the cushion fluffs up very nicely when it’s dry again.

Do you have a helpful hint to repair something you’ve bought at The Guild Shop? Please submit it to We will include it on a seperate page on the website in celebration of our 50th Anniversary on September 12, 2012.

How to Shop Vintage
Christina Uticone writes in the Houston Press some of her key rules for getting great vintage pieces. She found one of her favorite vintage pieces, a Whiting & Davis white mesh chain strap handbag, for only $20 at The Guild Shop. Why not check out her tips, then try them out here at The Guild Shop?