Board & Staff


Associate Rector- Charlie Holt , Chairman

Bruce Fehr, President

Jennifer Blackat-large member  

Laura Borda, Shop Chair-Elect (and Volunteer of the Year 2019)

Babette Dawson,  Shop Chair

Kathy Guffey, Past Shop Chair

Mary Louise Johnson, at large member

Jeff MeGow, at-large member

Patty Shepherd, at-large member

Susan Taggart, at-large member

Maretta Toedt, at-large member

Russel Treat, at-large member

Debbie Willingham, Executive Director


Debbie,  Executive Director

Donna, Volunteer Manager

Regina,  Facilities Supervisor

Maria, Merchandise Supervisor

Gilbert, Security

Carmen, Receptionist

Dawn, Shop Associate

Ian, Shop Associate

Miguel, Shop Associate

Trey, Shop Associate

Leslie, Shop Associate